Our History

In 1867, two years after the close of the Civil War, the citizens of Galveston proclaimed the Island’s first public celebration of Mardi Gras – it was the first for Texas as well. The public observation of Mardi Gras became an annual event to the Treasure Isle. However, following the out break of World War I, Galveston’s Mardi Gras became a festivity celebrated only in private circles.

In 1985 the public celebration was revived.  The Krewe of Maximilian, also founded in 1985, was based on the French New Orleans heritage of Mardi Gras, but with a distinct character unique to Texas and Galveston.  The Krewe therefore chose as its reverent namesake: Maximilian, who was Emperor of Mexico in 1864 at the direction of Napoleon III of France.

The Story of Maximilian and Carlota


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